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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Facebook and migration...

So today we were in church on duty as host and one elderly lady came up to us and ask if we have seen a lady that we know. Ok, before I continue, let me tell you the wonders of facebook.

This wonderful programme has helped many socialise and post events of their lives on line. So what happened recently is that this lady and family has migrated to Australia, based on her facebook. Somehow, his husband's facebook also talked about missing his wife and son. I knew that the husband has yet to travel to Australia at that point so I assumed that the wife and son must have gone to Australia already ahead of him.

So back to my original story : the elderly lady asked if we have seen the lady and we said no. And I volunteered additonal info and said that she is already in Australia!. Lo and behold, the elderly lady protested and insisted that the lady is still in KL. I thought she didn't understand what I said so I repeated myself. Then this elderly lady mentioned that the lady she waslooking for is her daughter! At that point, we were so embarrased as we knew we were wrong! Haiyo!

So we saw the lady and the elderly lady later in church that morning. Yes, still in KL.

Moral of the story : Facebook does not give Facts! IT's called FACEbook not FACTbook! Even though it is called FACEbook, it sure didn't give me face this morning!


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